The Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Arcade backstory and Mission -

Growing up in the halcyon days of gaming exposed us to the SNK and Capcom game cabinets that were widespread at the time. We poured our time (and coins) into The King of Fighters and Streetfighter series, Final Fight, Alien Versus Predator and the Raiden shmups. 

Gaming has been and continues to be, time spent with family and friends bringing us together and creating bonds and forging communities. 

Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Arcade exists to provide the necessary authentic, quality arcade parts to facilitate the casual or competitive journey with video games old and new. Whether you play on PC, home console or arcade cabinets - we can help you out.

We are proud of our ongoing partnerships with talented creators; Murakumo Arts, Buttercade, Layershift, TheTrain, KOWAL, Phreakmods, Blunderbuss Designs and Bit Bang Gaming. We are regular contributors within the arcade/ gaming forums and enjoy the conversations amongst fellow enthusiasts - Please don't hesitate to reach out anytime!

We are passionate about keeping commercial and home arcades alive so that future generations can experience the culture and friendship that we experienced growing up. We donate a percentage of our profits to struggling Japanese game centres so that they can continue to be an epicentre of arcade culture and enjoyment. We actively support grass roots FGC players and events in all forms - to this end we continue to financially assist FGC prize pools.

All of our stock is on hand, ready for delivery, so that AUS/NZ and the greater South Pacific customers will avoid costly overseas postage charges and lengthy delays. We won't accept compromises and therefore, won't sell low quality "clone" buttons/joysticks. 

Custom and specific orders are welcome and we encourage all enquiries! Our contacts within the arcade and parts networks are vast and we have helped out numerous players with locating obscure pieces for their bespoke controllers and control panels.

We wish you all the best in your gaming journey!

Kindest regards,

CQB Arcade.