Where do you source your Sanwa Denshi and Seimitsu Co. products?

We are supplied only brand new stock shipped directly from Japan, by the manufacturers authorised distribution chain. 

Where do you source your KDiT and Samducksa products?

We are supplied only brand new stock shipped directly from the KDiT distribution hub and the Samducksa authorised distribution chain.

Can you acquire special order and limited edition products from Sanwa Denshi and Seimitsu Co?

Yes absolutely. We have helped many customers out already. Reach out to us on the contact page or via the social media pages for enquiries. We generally will have an answer from Japan/Korea/Taiwan within 24 hours!

Check out the Special Order section, which highlights parts we have assisted other customers in acquiring to give you an idea of what is possible and available. 

What if the part I ordered that was showing as in stock is not available?

This is a rare occurrence that occasionally happens due to random website code updates causing havoc with inventory by a few numerals and the new inventory data being input by tired humans. 

We always reach out to you, inform you of the situation and ship the part at no cost later on, or substitute the part for something else you had your eye on. 

Can you get new Gamerfinger buttons?

Yes we can! We currently have stock on site now. Be advised though, stock is very difficult to acquire and time between restocks is very difficult to predict. 

When will you have the Seimitsu NOBI bullet lever tops?

As of 04/09/2022 - The sale of the standalone bullet top items are currently under an exclusivity deal with a US based parts retailer. They will soon be offered for sale domestically in Japan, but not for export to other overseas parts outlets (such as CQB Arcade). Otherwise, they are also available on the NOBI joysticks, which we consistently stock. We have sourced stand alone, high quality machined bullet tops from professional manufacturer BlunderBuss Designs. 

As of 10/04/2023 - We have the newly released bullet tops from Seimitsu in four (4) standard colours and a brand new purple hue. The Keikou (fluorescent) and bubble/clear variants are also now in stock.

When will you have more stock of the Murakumo Arts dust washers?

The LP-MR20 dust washers are custom made by Sanwa Denshi and at present there are delays in the manufacturing process. 

Update July 2023 - restock of some of the colour range and addition of the new pink colour.

What are the measurements of *this* joystick and *this* mounting plate?

We have now added schematic images to the listings across all the major joystick manufacturers that show every measurement to help you in your considerations for your next project and purchase. It is always the case though, don't hesitate to contact us about any parts queries you may have - we enjoy the questions and helping you all out!

What are the condition categories of Fightsticks and Arcade sticks?

We have some brand new/sealed Fightsticks and Arcade sticks (denoted as condition S).

Otherwise - All complete Fightsticks and Arcade sticks sold by CQB Arcade are used goods unless otherwise stated.

ALL of the used Fightsticks and Arcade sticks have had the following maintenance performed prior to sale; 

- Full outside surface clean (and inside clean where permitted).

- Joystick full refurbishment (component pieces cleaned with rubbing alcohol and re-greased with manufacturer specified grease from Shin-Etsu)

- All button and joystick connectors cleaned with DeoxIT D5 contact cleaner. 

- Replacement of non working or heavily damaged parts (joystick and button orientated).

- Operation tested for full functionality.


Condition S: Brand new Fightstick/Arcade stick (generally boxed and sealed). 

Condition A: Very good condition, with minimal to no outside damage.

Condition B: Good condition, with minor signs of general wear and tear.

Condition C: Average condition, with obvious signs of wear and tear.


Any questions/enquiries please contact us via the contact page.