News (store updates and related information)

05/2022 - Store opening and introduction.

Thankyou kindly for inspiring us to address a longterm shortfall in the Australasian market for authentic sourced arcade and fightstick parts. Immediately ready for shipping, we have the majority of push buttons and joysticks from the Sanwa Denshi catalogue and are proudly introducing Seimitsu. Co. Ltd parts into the Australian market. In addition, we have a product majority of the Seimitsu catalogue ready for ordering and shipping.

In years gone by, local gamers have had to previously order from the US and Europe, causing long delays and costly shipping charges. Ordering straight from Japan is very difficult and sometimes impossible for some items. Australian gamers also have had to extensively contend with knock off and clone parts being sold as the real product, which is an ongoing and pervasive problem.

What sets us apart is our products are sourced direct from Japan through the authorised parent company distribution networks. We will not sell clone parts and do not accept compromises on quality.  

We are keen gamers ourselves and are passionate about arcade machines and arcade/gaming culture. Reach out anytime via the Contact page and social media.

Good games to all! 

06/2022 - Bit Bang Gaming (BBG) are makers of the stellar Shuriken for JLF and Korean levers. This is a replacement PCB that allows you to fit your own strength microswitches into the joystick, allowing fine tuning of lever characteristics. We are proud to offer the Shuriken and a host of other BBG items into the Australian market for immediate shipping!

07/2022 - We are proud to introduce into the Australasian market the Korean manufacturer Samducksa (formerly known as Crown) and Taiwanese parts manufacturer KDiT.

Ready for purchase is the Samducksa CWL-309MJ-KMS joystick (with the ST35 tensioned silicone) in addition to Cherry keyboard microswitch 30mm pushbuttons. 

KDiT products feature aluminium balltops, dust washers and shaft covers as well as two tone transparent bat tops and rubber lined ball tops. KDiT have a vast selection of items to individualise a control panel or create a unique themed fightstick. 

This marks the first time these parts have been offered and available for order within the Australasian market and we are excited to embark on the beginning of an ever-expanding selection of parts for the arcade and fighting game enthusiasts.

07/2022 - A very busy month so far with the below additions to our parts inventory lineup. Each one of the following brands/creators represent the first time that local availability of the parts has been established for Australasian gamers:

We are glad to expand our inventory with the well known KOWAL joystick accessories that are treasured by gamers the world over. The JLF oversized actuator is a cornerstone of lever modding and also available are the KOWAL accessories for LS-32, Hori Hayabusa and LS-56. In addition, we have the universal mount plate which is an easy solution to common mounting problems gamers face today within arcade and fightstick enclosures. 

Blunderbuss Designs are responsible for the popular high quality delrin bullet top. In light of the fact the Seimitsu created bullet top has limited availability, this delrin item is a very good choice and is manufactured with a process that leaves no seam marks that most other ball/bat tops exhibit. We are pleased to have secured a stock of these items for immediate delivery to customers. 

Phreakmods, makers of the legendary detachable joystick shaft The Link are now shipping to our store regularly and we have the JLF, LS-32 and rarer LS-56 versions in most colours available. 

Finally, the creator Murakumo Arts has a wide array of useful arcade game and lever mod parts designed to solve common problems gamers face in building their desired arcade stick setup. In addition, they are deeply supportive of arcade game culture and have developed products to celebrate notable Japanese arcade game centers. The popular Murakumo Arts dust washer is available in all current colours.

09/2022 - We are very excited to stock the legendary Buttercade products which are now live on the website. This marks the first time Buttercade items have been available for local sale to Australasian gamers. Most of the well known Buttercade accessories are listed for perusal.

Quality of life accessories are always needed during restorations and modding, therefore also live on the website are the LayerShift screw button wrenches which we took delivery of recently. We are continuing our stock expansion to better serve the local Australian gamer and have more announcements to make in the near future. Good games to all! 

01/2023 - Jamma Nation X (JNX) is a widely known and well respected contributor and creator within arcade community circles. We have secured the very useful octogate for the Neo Geo AES arcade stick and soon the rapid fire PCB "Lazy Finger" device that fits inline with the controller port and stick cable. Extremely useful for long Strikers 1945 sessions! 

02/2023 - Seimitsu has announced that the plastic colouring for their LS-32 body will change from blue to green. 

09/2023 - As part of the ongoing transition for Seimitsu away from Panasonic microswitch use in their joysticks, the LS-56-01 will now feature Omron microswitches. The remaining stock of Panasonic microswitched LS-56-01's will be slowly phased out as sales continue. The Omron switch use has necessitated a redesigned restrictor gate (easily spotted due to the black plastic colouring and slight difference in dimensions). 

02/2024 - Manufacturer and transport costs increase:

After the opening of our store and throughout the period post COVID-19, various costs from the Japanese manufacturers and global transport companies have steadily risen. We have soaked up the additional charges to keep prices low for the Oceania market in an ongoing effort to provide the best service to local customers. Noticeably, the larger western parts vendors in the US and Europe have also raised prices in most instances. Everyone has been equally affected unfortunately. A quick synopsis of price rises since our opening is as follows;

November 2021: Sanwa Denshi raises the prices of most of their product range between 11%-15% stating "the recent rise in raw material prices has been remarkable".

February 2022: DHL Express applies an Emergency Situation Surcharge of 240JPY/kg to Australian deliveries. UPS and FedEx also apply similar surcharges. In addition, a seperate fuel surcharge is applied. 

February 2023: Seimitsu Co. announce widespread price increases largely due to the rising costs of raw materials.

June 2023: Sanwa Denshi raise prices of the standard buttons (OBSF) by 10% and JLF joysticks by 12%. Silent buttons increase by 15%.

July 2023: Australia Post increase the postage costs of all domestic and international parcels/letters to "help meet growing costs".

September 2023: DHL Express raise the average price for shipments by 4.9% in Japan (and will do so every year).

October 2023: Seimitsu Co. raises the wholesale price on all joysticks due to "soaring costs of raw materials".

With the above in mind, it is with considerable regret that we must adjust a minor portion of our prices to remain competitive. Therefore, we must marginally raise the prices on some of our staple items such as Sanwa and Seimitsu standard 24mm and 30mm push buttons. 

We remain committed to enhance and evolve our services and product lineups with the sourcing of legitimate authentic parts into the Oceania market. Your support has been and continues to be amazing, with large numbers of parcels being shipped per week to Australia (and all corners of the world). 

Our most humble thanks. Good games to you all!

06/2024 - The Seimitsu Alutimo keyboard switch button has landed and is available in a small range of colours in 30mm and 24mm during this introductory period. Long manufacturer delays have offset our expected arrival of this button, as the demand has been higher than expected both domestically in Japan and overseas. 

We are excited to have secured a small quantity of EVO Japan 2024 Seimitsu items that were made available only in-person at the sales area during the EVO event. A very minor quantity made it to the Japanese domestic online stores but largely these items are now all Sold Out in Japan.

06/2024 - A very kind customer pointed out that the newer Omron switch versions of the Seimitsu LS-5x joysticks had been transitioned into our inventory without an announcement of any sort. We will address this announcement above but also expand below:

The background situation is - Approximately in September 2023, Seimitsu moved from the Panasonic microswitch in the LS-5x series to the Omron switch. The overall shift to Omron switches in all of the Seimitsu joysticks has been steadily occurring behind the scenes for many years. This is due to Panasonic no longer manufacturing microswitches. 

The move to the Omron switched LS-5x joysticks means that a redesigned PCB had to be implemented as well as a redesign of the restrictor. This new restrictor is easy to spot because it is black plastic (Omron) as opposed to white plastic (Panasonic). It is important to note that the restrictors are therefore, not interchangeable. For compatibility, it is a requirement to have a white restrictor gate for the Panasonic version and black restrictor for the latest Omron version. 

A lot of enthusiasts will favour the Panasonic switched versions of Seimitsu joysticks and we will endeavour to widen our search to locate more of these legacy versions from now on.