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Buttercade dustwasher disc hole reducer

Buttercade dustwasher disc hole reducer

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The popularity of the Murakumo Arts LP-MR20 dust washer led fans to explore ways to allow clean form compatibility with joysticks other than the JLF shaft cover variant.

Talented creator Buttercade designed a 3D printed adapter/hole reducer that will allow the Murakumo Arts dustwasher to be fitted to the no shaft cover JLF with no excessive hole circumference to be visible. Additionally, this adapter will also permit the Sanwa JLF-CD transparent dust washers equal compatibility with the aforementioned no shaft cover JLF.

This version of the adapter/hole reducer fits any 9mm shaft such as the no shaft cover JLF, 309 joystick, Sanjuks V3, V5/6 joysticks.

As a result of customer requests, a Seimitsu version of the adapter was made by Buttercade for the no shaft cover variants of Seimitsu joysticks. 

The hole reducer snaps into place firmly and can be fitted from either above or below.

(Note: These hole reducers are included with every Murakumo Arts dustwasher purchase, therefore, this listing will assist users who previously purchased a Murakumo Arts dustwasher prior to the creation of this product and users who wish to experiment with the Sanwa JLF-CD dustwasher on various joysticks)

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