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Buttercade Madcatz TE/S cable door replacement

Buttercade Madcatz TE/S cable door replacement

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The Madcatz Tournament Edition (TE) line of fightsticks are legendary and still regularly used today the world over, including Australia and New Zealand. It was the first arcade stick to feature factory fitted Sanwa arcade grade parts and pioneered the current home arcade stick craze.

This custom product from Buttercade is useful for TE/S arcade sticks that have missing/broken USB compartment doors (a common occurrence) or for the user who wants to expand the button options for up to date compatibility with fighting board PCB’s.

Use of this replacement door will remove both the stock USB door and USB compartment allowing extra buttons and a Neutrik pass-through connector to be used for upgrading to current generation fighting board PCB’s.

The upgrade will mean loss of Home Screen functionality and the user may then opt to find a replacement top plexi.

This is a beneficial product for the owners of Madcatz TE/S fightsticks wishing to modernize their equipment and replace parts prone to breakage due to years of use. 

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