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Buttercade Madcatz V.S. cable door replacement

Buttercade Madcatz V.S. cable door replacement

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The Madcatz VS Edition line of fightsticks are well sought after due to the simple, sturdy design and unique adapter kit that permitted two (2) V.S. sticks to be joined to simulate a full size arcade control panel.   

This product from Buttercade is useful for V.S. arcade sticks that have missing/broken USB compartment doors (a common occurrence) or for the user who wants to expand the button options for up to date compatibility with fighting board PCB’s.

Use of this replacement door will remove both the stock USB door and USB compartment allowing extra buttons and a Neutrik pass-through connector to be used for upgrading to current generation fighting board PCB’s.

The door conveniently slides into place requiring no glue.

Available ports on the door (from left to right) are 24mm-24mm-24mm-Neutrik-24mm.

A fantastic accessory for one of the greatest arcade sticks of the previous console generation.

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