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ENGINEER PZ-02 E-Ring pliers (for Sanwa JLF joysticks)

ENGINEER PZ-02 E-Ring pliers (for Sanwa JLF joysticks)

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The ENGINEER PZ-02 is a specialised set of pliers for E-rings, making this a headache free method of removing and applying Sanwa JLF E-rings and other joysticks using similar methods of fastening the shaft spring and actuator. 

(Note: Please use the ENGINEER PZ-01 for Seimitsu LS-XX).

The plier tip diameter is magnetized and precisely machined to allow easy handling/attachment/removal of the small form E-ring and is compatible for rings with an opening in the 5mm-9mm range. 

Sold in brand new and sealed retail packaging.

ENGINEER tools are proudly made in Osaka, Japan with a long reputation for quality and ingenuity toward solving common mechanical/electrical problems. 

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