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Hori Fighting Stick Alpha (without box) Xbox Series X/S

Hori Fighting Stick Alpha (without box) Xbox Series X/S

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Standard unmodified Arcade stick for Xbox Series X & Xbox One made by Hori.

The newest release fightstick from Hori for current generation consoles. This item is reminiscent of the Madcatz TE2 in size, weight and overall feel.

Condition: [A] New (Other)

Please note: All complete fightsticks/arcade sticks sold by CQB Arcade are used goods unless otherwise stated and have had the following maintenance performed prior to sale; 

- Full outside surface clean (and inside clean where permitted).

- Joystick full refurbishment (component pieces cleaned with rubbing alcohol and re-greased with manufacturer specified grease from Shin-Etsu)

- All button and joystick connectors cleaned with DeoxIT D5 contact cleaner. 

- Replace non working or heavily damaged parts (joystick and button orientated).

- Operation tested for full functionality.


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