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Layer Shift

LayerShift screw button Wrench

LayerShift screw button Wrench

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This original and innovative 3d printed item from creator, Layershift, solves a number of common problems with screw-in pushbuttons – Minimal to no space for your fingers to grip the plastic button nut on smaller layouts and the nut coming loose over time, requiring further adjusting and downtime.

The product works easily by placing the wrench end over the button nut, pushing down and tightening as necessary. Conveniently there is a large hexagonal shape clench at the opposite end which functions as a hand grip to ensure firm tightening of the button nut.

Each pushbutton wrench is specific to the brand of pushbutton and respective sizing, denoted by colour coding, for easy identification.

This item is a crucial addition to every arcade and fightstick gamers toolbox and provides reassurance for users to consider screw-in buttons for current/future builds. This tool will reduce or even eliminate the need for further tightening of screw-in pushbuttons. 

(Note: Layershift is a well respected member and creator amongst the arcade and FGC, heading up the OmniArcade brand of custom products)

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