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Madcatz TE2 accessories (NOS)

Madcatz TE2 accessories (NOS)

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A selection of replacement parts and accessories for the Madcatz Tournament Edition 2 (TE2) fightstick.

The Madcatz range of joysticks are still coveted and relevant in today's FGC environment. When released, the TE2 was used by high level players in EVO and supported community wide with modifications and quality of life improvements.

The Madcatz TE2 is special to many gamers and can still hold up to todays rigorous standards due to the solid build quality. Over time however, some parts have perished due to age and heavy use, therefore we have sourced authentic New Old Stock (NOS) parts to keep these legacy sticks working well into the future.

Now available:

Replacement USB cables (New Old Stock)

Shoulder Straps (New Old Stock)

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