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Multicomp Pro

Multicomp PRO engineering cable ties

Multicomp PRO engineering cable ties

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Multicomp PRO products are developed by engineers to meet quality standards for professional work industry and engineering situations.

The Multicomp PRO cable ties are 100mm in length (or app. 4 inches) x 2.5mm in width, making them suitable sizing for a wide range of cable management situations inside arcade and fightstick builds.

Nine (9) colours are available for a generous selection of choices for most builds where the cable ties will be seen by the user for creative impact, particularly clear acrylic fightsticks.

Additionally, these cable ties are ideal for users who wish to ensure quality reliable components throughout their cabinets and enclosures and thereby, avoid the abundant low quality, brandless cable ties that are prevalent elsewhere. Not all cable ties are created with an engineering mindset and meet requisite industry standards. 

The Multicomp PRO cable ties possess the following professional features:

  • Constructed of moulded nylon 6.6 gives these cable ties high abrasion resistance, high heat/chemical resistance, reliable strength with stretch recovery.
  • Nylon 6.6 provides much more steadfast long-term performance, possessing the above characteristics that make it a superior choice in hard wearing industrial applications.
  • These cable ties possess a tensile strength of 8.2kg.
  • Operating temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius.

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