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Murakumo Arts

Murakumo Arts custom long springs for Sanwa JLF (Made in Osaka, Japan)

Murakumo Arts custom long springs for Sanwa JLF (Made in Osaka, Japan)

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Two (2) springs have been simultaneously released by Murakumo Arts after a long period of intense testing and refinement, taking into consideration multiple factors than can affect gameplay performance. Characteristics and background is as follows:

Long spring +1 (2.5lb):

This spring has a tension that is harder than the stiffest currently available Sanwa made custom spring (red coloured JLF-SP-R), however variations in the spring rate based on angle away from neutral are largely suppressed for a stable input feeling.

This equates to an easier handling input feel. The spring is designed to provide enhanced return to neutral performance, especially prevalent for short shaft and bat top combinations. Users of this combination will find that the tension is moderate to manage and does not tire the hand. The frictional wear on a standard pivot from use of this spring can be substantial and thus will require periodic re-greasing (every 3-6 months ) with Sanwa specified G-40M ShinEtsu grease.

Long spring -1:

This is a much softer tensioned spring and happens to be the first of its kind on the market!

Manufacture of this spring is the result from a lengthy testing process via learnings based on making a controller for people living with physical disabilities. It was discovered during gaming, when moving hands with force for a long time, the disabled person experienced periods of hand/arm numbness due to the fatigue of resisting the spring tension. A softer spring was needed to counteract this issue and also allow people with physical disabilities a gateway to enjoying games and improving their quality of life.

When this spring is used in conjunction with a standard Sanwa LB-35 balltop, the return to neutral performance will be extremely weak if the fightstick is tilted more than 30 degrees.

Therefore, use of this spring is conditional on certain custom parts being fitted to the JLF such as lighter balltops, particularly the wood variants such as those made by SENJO and nylon toppers from Buttercade (release early August 2023). Use of a lighter wood balltop for example will lead to suppression of recoil input, to the point of almost being eliminated and will yield a slightly slower than stock return to centre from a dash movement input.

Although this soft spring is unorthodox, it will suit the tastes of some users who prefer a lightly tensioned joystick and enjoy having full directional control at all times.

Unlike most aftermarket springs available today, these particular products are made in Higashi-Osaka from Japanese stainless steel and are high quality items.

(Note: Murakumo Arts wishes to clearly emphasise the precaution that this spring cannot be used with lever tops weighing more than 27g, which is the weight of a Sanwa LB-35 balltop. Even when an LB-35 is used for example, the shaft will not return to center appropriately when the fightstick is tilted more than 30 degrees, such as is experienced sometimes with fightsticks resting on the users knees)

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