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Murakumo Corp.

Murakumo Arts LeverLover JLX lever base spacer

Murakumo Arts LeverLover JLX lever base spacer

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A 3mm thick spacer of shaped acrylic, compatible with the JLX and M base (JLF) body, manufactured by Murakumo Arts.

This spacer is utilised in applications where the height of the shaft above the control panel is longer than what is comfortable and useable. For instance, some smaller arcade stick enclosures have the joystick bottom mounted which prohibits a spacer between the mounting plate and CP (ie. QANBA Drone and Drone 2). Other such instances have thin mounting surfaces (ie. bartop arcades) that can benefit from a body to plate spacer such as this design.

The spacer is sandwiched between the body of the joystick and the mounting plate, effectively reducing the overall height of the shaft by 3mm by lowering the general pivot point.

This method of lowering the shaft height is more economical and less physically involved than implementing a short shaft swap for the joystick.

Two (2) colours are available: Glitter blue and Fluorescent pink.

(Please note, there is a protective vinyl attached to the spacer that can be removed or left on, depending on the user preference).

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