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Murakumo Arts

Murakumo Corp. LP-MR20 custom JLF dust washer

Murakumo Corp. LP-MR20 custom JLF dust washer

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A printed, custom made dust washer in 48mm sizing for the JLF joystick, manufactured by Sanwa Denshi for the Murakumo Corp, Murakumo Arts.

Designed from an outlook to provide a high quality and unique custom arcade accessory, this dustwasher is widely recognised around the world. The key design features are the clear ring near the shaft hole that permits the player to see the joystick pivot as well as the display of a motivational expression ("Believe In Your Technique").  

Available in nine (9) colour variants and fits the JLF joystick/s. 

Exclusively sold by CQB Arcade in the South Pacific region.

(Note: there may be some minimal interference with “The Link” shaft due to this dustwasher being thicker than original Sanwa dust washers. Murakumo Arts suggests slightly enlarging the centre hole with a file, or similar implement if interference occurs. Each dustwasher now includes a 3D printed insert for use on any 9mm shaft - ie. no shaft cover JLF, 309 joystick, Sanjuks V3, V5/6 joysticks. Also includes a seperate 3D print insert for no shaft cover Seimitsu joysticks).

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