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Phreakmods Link stub attachment

Phreakmods Link stub attachment

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A great quality of life and arcade/FGC culture centric accessory. 

This product allows "The Link" removable shaft to be connected to the specially made stub attachment and therefore, attached/threaded on a keyring, carabiner or paracord for example.

Fitment to a backpack, handbag or other carriage method can then be easily achieved. 

It is advantageous in most instances to have the option of using the "The Link" removable shaft function and further, reattaching the shaft and lever topper to a fixed point during travel or stowage to prevent loss/damage. This stub attachment widens the possible fixed points the user can access.

Alternate uses for this accessory within the fighting game and arcade culture community, is display of a favourite arcade balltop on a backpack or keyring for example.

As such, the user could choose to populate this strap with parts purchased deliberately for full-time display or, utilise leftover parts from customisation projects.

It is for this reason that this accessory from Sanwa also represents a celebration of the fighting game communities and general arcade culture, in addition to the primary function related to "The Link".


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