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Samducksa (aka. Crown) 5-pin interface PCB

Samducksa (aka. Crown) 5-pin interface PCB

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A converter PCB for fastener switch to 5-pin harness, created by EVERYTHINK (Crown Arcade Shop, co-distributed by Samducksa).

This PCB allows the fastener microswitch template of the Samducksa CWL-303/309 products to be changed to an easier 5-pin harness connector, most commonly found in fightstick enclosures and utilised by pre-made wiring kits, such as from Brook. 

Use of this PCB requires the user to first remove and then re-fit the microswitches from the base of the joystick to the PCB terminals, using the white lines as a guide for switch placement. 

The PCB is then turned over and reaffixed to the joystick body (see images for installation guide and clarity).

Previously the only method of conversion for Korean joysticks was use of .187 to 5-pin converter wiring harnesses, which can be unsightly and difficult for cable management. Use of this converter PCB is a more professional and cleaner form alternative, especially in clear acrylic enclosures.  

The PCB is 1.6mm in thickness which is a nominal addition to the depth of the Samducksa CWL-303/309 products and should not affect re-installation of the joystick to the arcade/fightstick enclosure. 

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