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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa Denshi OBSFE-30 silent push button

Sanwa Denshi OBSFE-30 silent push button

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A solid coloured, silent variant snap-in pushbutton in 30mm diameter, manufactured by Sanwa.

Previous silent-type push buttons relied upon a cushioning material sandwiched between the microswitch and plunger to physically reduce the sound. This caused the button stroke to feel shallow and sacrificed the classic Sanwa button "feel". 

With this particular silent variant, Sanwa has changed the material of the plunger base from conventional plastic to an elastomer. This ensures the sound reduction characteristics are achieved yet the button stroke and Sanwa "feel" are maintained. 

An especially useful button type where excess button noise is a factor in your gaming considerations. High level players can "read" and predict opponent actions by listening to the button clicks, therefore silent buttons can assist greatly at in-person tournaments and meet-ups. 

A wide range of colours available for customised builds and individual creativity. 

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