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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa Denshi VDC-18-c-2024 [Type 18 Twin Stick] (via Tanita Co. Ltd)

Sanwa Denshi VDC-18-c-2024 [Type 18 Twin Stick] (via Tanita Co. Ltd)

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A professional twin stick peripheral manufactured by Sanwa Denshi and prepared on behalf of Tanita Co. Ltd.

As a result of high demand from fans of Virtual On and other mecha fighting games, this product has been remade in 2024 after successful limited sales in 2020 and original crowd funding in 2018/19. 

This product is a special order with highly limited quantities and not available outside of Japan. 

Features include:

  • One (1) trigger, two (2) button lever ergonomic shape for comfortable play during the PS4 version of Virtual On (Sanwa lever product JLV-T2B)
  • Main body is powder coated for high durability and scratch resistance (black colour).
  • Suction cups are affixed to the underside for greater controller stability during play.
  • The top panel graphics imaging is an original creation by the Sega head of Virtual On graphical design Mr Yasuhiro Mori.

Product details:

  • Product weight: 4.9kg
  • Product dimensions (please check images)
  • Box dimensions: width 710mm x height 300mm x depth 270mm
  • Box weight: 6.1kg
  • Platform: Sony PS4
  • Contents: Twin Stick controller, instruction manual
  • Target games: Virtual On
  • 3 month warranty
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