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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa Denshi XTP-MA (PCB microswitch assembly for JLX)

Sanwa Denshi XTP-MA (PCB microswitch assembly for JLX)

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The release of Sanwa Denshi’s latest JLX series of joystick has seen a redesign of numerous components to achieve improvements in overall accuracy, input stability performance and product longevity.

The microswitch PCB understandably was also a component that required a redesign, to match this philosophy of improvement.

The TP-MA PCB used in the JLF is manufactured from paper phenol, however in contrast, the new XTP-MA PCB assembly is less likely to warp and distort due to being created out of composite epoxy material (CEM-III).

This new design will enable an overall improvement in vibration resistance and resilience against component micro shift under heavy load/long term usage.

Importantly, owners of the JLF can experience the benefits of this new PCB because the XTP-MA is fully compatible with the JLF models.

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