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Close Quarters Battle Arcade

Sanwa JLF joystick (Cherry switch modded version)

Sanwa JLF joystick (Cherry switch modded version)

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A little known fact of the JLF is that the venerable Cherry pin plunger arcade microswitch is a drop-in fitment to the JLF base. People wanting the advantages of the legendary Cherry microswitch crossed with their Sanwa joystick of choice are able to place the four (4) microswitches at the allocated fitment posts.

What this equates to is a lighter force and marginally crisper response JLF, due in part to the Cherry microswitch actuation force of 75g versus the almost 200g of the standard Sanwa JLF microswitch.

The more experienced arcade users would remember this JLF modification from years ago and due to the numerous requests, we are now offering this as a brand new, standalone product. 

To maximise performance potential out of this product variant, we opted to pre-fit a new KOWAL 1mm oversize actuator. The various shaped restrictor gates are fully compatible with this product variant as well, should the user wish to experiment.

Please note however, to use this product in a fightstick or arcade cabinet wired for a 5-pin connector, the user will require a .187 to 5-pin harness adapter (sold seperately). 

(This product ships with a standard Sanwa dustwasher)

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