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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa JLF-P-X (JLF-P-B, JLF-P-R) actuator

Sanwa JLF-P-X (JLF-P-B, JLF-P-R) actuator

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A selection of colour coded joystick actuators, manufactured by Sanwa Denshi.

Ideal for tuning JLF response characteristics for fine tuning play.

Originally collated into the JLF-C-ALL mod kit from Sanwa, these items are now available as individual pieces for purchase. Features of each actuator as per below (default Sanwa JLF actuator has a diameter of 15.8mm. Please utilise the images for ease of understanding):

JLF-P-B (blue): 16.7mm

JLF-P-R (red): 16.45mm

Compatible with the following Sanwa joystick variants:




JLF-TPRG-8BYT-SK (High tension silent switch variant)

JLFD-TP-8YT (Detachable lever variant)

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