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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa LB-35-NX Nylon balltop (2022 Edition)

Sanwa LB-35-NX Nylon balltop (2022 Edition)

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A nylon processed, textured ball top in 35mm diameter sizing, manufactured by Sanwa.

During 2021, Sanwa released a black only colour of the short fibre, nylon feel balltop.

This balltop was an incredibly unique and innovative product, highly sought after for not only the unrivalled “felt like” texture but the advantages to grip and subsequent boosts to control performance owners were reporting.

Sanwa Denshi have now re-released the black colour and in addition, have added blue and red to the colour lineup, increasing the applications in which these balltops can be implemented.

This represents a wholly unique product in the parts catalogue of the Japanese amusement manufacturers.

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