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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa SW-68 push button replacement microswitch

Sanwa SW-68 push button replacement microswitch

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A brand new replacement microswitch for the venerable Sanwa push button product lines, manufactured by Sanwa Denshi. 

A very useful accessory to refresh tired Sanwa buttons and regain the "as new" type sensitivity and responsiveness.

This microswitch is responsible for the legendary Sanwa "feel", which many gamers consider the best middle ground between responsiveness and firmness. 

Compatible with OBSF/OBSFE/OBSC/OBSJ/OBSN lines of pushbuttons. 

Should the user wish to experiment with swapping of microswitches, this product is also compatible with a range of Seimitsu push buttons such as:

PS-15, PS-14-K, PS-14-D

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