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Seimitsu LB-BLT NOBI (KEIKOU) Bullet lever handle

Seimitsu LB-BLT NOBI (KEIKOU) Bullet lever handle

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A fluro enhanced, solid coloured bullet top in 30mm diameter sizing, manufactured by Seimitsu.

After a long wait and countless requests from gamers worldwide, the Bullet Top is now available as an accessory for all joysticks. Popularized by the genre defining NOBI joystick line, the Bullet Top has been synonymous with premium quality and evolution of the fighting game scene.  

In fact, this particular handle shape was specifically requested by Japanese pro Tekken player NOBI as a critical part of the NOBI joystick product in order to elevate his game to a higher level of play. Many users of the NOBI joystick report advantages to their gameplay as a result of the Bullet Top enhancing their control characteristics.

Important note: The KEIKOU colours react brilliantly under UV light and are the perfect complement for arcade spaces and rooms with UV/black lighting being a feature of the design. 

Available in the four (4) KEIKOU colours for increased creativity and expression.

(Please note; the Bullet Top fits all standard size threaded joystick shafts such as JLF and Hayabusa).

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