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Seimitsu PS-14-DN-K-HORO push button (holographic)

Seimitsu PS-14-DN-K-HORO push button (holographic)

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A holographic styled, transparent screw-in pushbutton in 24mm diameter, manufactured by Seimitsu.

This is a new 24mm pushbutton release from Seimitsu and features a special clear smoke plunger with a clear button body.

A particularly styled holographic pattern situated on the button plunger changes patterns and colours depending on the observers angle to the button face. Brighter direct light causes the holographic section to shine more brilliantly, with an iridescent result. Housed within a transparent button casing, allows this push button to be utilised in a wide variety of applications for significant visual impact. 

Additionally, the holographic section is not affixed permanently inside the button cap, allowing the user to change the orientation/alignment of the holographic pattern to their individual preference.

We suggest matching this product with the newly released holographic "Wagara" TJD dust washers.

This product is a perfect item to be used as a start or select button or utilised in all button controllers.

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