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Sunmulon SS-1SDR-MG 30mm push button

Sunmulon SS-1SDR-MG 30mm push button

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The 100% Japanese developed and manufactured Sunmulon push button has become supremely popular in sectors of the USA Fighting Game Community, causing many enthusiasts to adopt these buttons full-time in their fighting game setups. The Sunmulon company has 65 years of history in microswitch and push button innovation. They have earned a solid reputation in the industrial field, focussed on providing the perfect “man-machine interface”.


Sunmulon (previously Mulon) historically manufactures buttons for industrial specification operations such as for machining tools and payment machines. During the 70’s and 80’s, Japan had no access to dedicated pushbuttons for arcade cabinets when the arcade game scene had exploded in popularity. Hence for this reason, the industrial Sunmulon buttons were repurposed. For example, their buttons were used in Sega Space Harrier and Outrun arcade cabinets.

This particular 30mm push button was adopted by legendary arcade game and cabinet manufacturers such as Taito in their MM-5 candy cabinets and the 3-screen and 2-screen Darius machines.

Design advantages:

The height/profile above control panel of this button is almost half that of a Sanwa OBSF-30, making this a very good option for users in search of a sleeker and more purposeful performance direction in their control panel. Users that are sensitive to button height protrusion will especially welcome the smaller vertical profile of this button.  

The button features a “clicky” microswitch which in conjunction with the subdued concave plunger, will remind users of the 80’s and 90’s arcade era buttons albeit with much superior performance. This button features a side mounted, silver terminal microswitch of app. 100g activation with a minimum mechanical lifespan of five (5) million operations and compatibility with control panels of thickness ranges 1mm – 3.2mm.

Gameplay advantages:

This snap-in button features high responsiveness in actual motion and high rebound, making it ideal for action orientated, rapid press games. Reduced distance between the microswitch and plunger gives the button a sense of shorter/immediate activation. Uniform feel throughout the entire plunger travel provides a directly linear and highly confident sense of feedback for the user. 

The concave shape of the plunger is less aggressively curved compared to other concave button brands, increasing user comfort. The plunger however, remains resistant to accidental presses due in part to the supreme tolerance of the microswitch activation. It is important to note, there is very minimal plunger wobble, adding to the solid, confident feel. The anodized, metallic constructed microswitch housing bracket is a solid one-piece mould for greater rigidity. There can be no question as to the quality manufacturing of this button and the innate gaming advantages present in the numerous industrial features presented. The feature rich advantages of this button have caused many in the USA Fighting Game Community to herald this button as the GOAT (greatest of all time) and the pinnacle of fighting game button

(Please note: this pushbutton has a .187 microswitch fastener and will require a converter harness for compatibility with Brook Fighting Board Cables and other .110 sized fasteners)

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