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Bit Bang Gaming

Bit Bang Gaming x Buttercade Antagonist PCB

Bit Bang Gaming x Buttercade Antagonist PCB

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A custom directional input PCB from a collaborative effort of Bit Bang Gaming and Buttercade. 

With the advent of all button controllers and the directional advantages they provide to the user, this PCB functions to innovate this constantly changing space of lever/action button/movement button method of control.

This custom PCB will detect inputs from a joystick lever and instantly reverse the direction with the push of a button. This dedicated button on the CP or fightstick is known as the Antagonist.

The most common example of the benefits this PCB provides is particularly, charge based characters.

For example, a charge character (eg. Guile) user can be holding the LEFT direction on the joystick and then simply press a button that will activate the RIGHT direction, without any change in joystick direction whatsoever. There is clear efficiency gains by utilising this PCB for charge based characters and will illicit high level creation of player styles to evolve, perhaps levelling the playing field with all button controllers.

This PCB features four (4) available current profiles, with more to be added in future updates.

Profiles are easily switched via a smart phone application using Bluetooth.

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