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Blunderbuss Designs

Cool Bear (aka. Blunderbuss Designs) bullet top

Cool Bear (aka. Blunderbuss Designs) bullet top

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Custom machined Delrin or polycarbonate “bullet top”, manufactured by Blunderbuss Designs aka. Cool Bear (UK).

The bullet lever top gained notoriety through the Seimitsu NOBI joystick product line. The bullet lever top was sold exclusively with the NOBI joysticks and at that time was not available as a separate purchasable item from Seimitsu.

Thankfully for arcade and fightstick enthusiasts, Blunderbuss Designs provided an excellent product solution and premium option.

The solid coloured bullet top version is constructed from Delrin featuring a smooth machined finish (no seams), a brass threaded insert and a natural gloss shine. The frosted version is made from polycarbonate and has a seamless smooth machine finish with an aluminium threaded insert. 

The light purple colour was a particularly random manufacturing event that led to the creation of this distinct purple hue. A truly unique colour and not observed before or after the ordering of this run of polycarbonate stock. 

The dimensions of the Blunderbuss Designs bullet tops are almost identical in shape, weight and feel to the Seimitsu NOBI bullet lever tops and are available in four (4) separate colours. 

Compatible with all M6 threaded shafts (ie. Sanwa, Seimitsu, Samducksa etc)

Exclusively sold by CQB Arcade in the Oceania markets. 

Unfortunately as of January 5th 2024 Cool Bear has closed his store for good. All stock of Cool Bear products is final and there will be no restocks. Quantity is extremely limited. 

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