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Close Quarters Battle Arcade

Blunderbuss Designs bullet top

Blunderbuss Designs bullet top

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A custom machined Delrin “bullet top”, manufactured by Blunderbuss Designs (UK).

The bullet lever top gained notoriety through the Seimitsu NOBI joystick product line. The bullet lever top is sold exclusively with the NOBI joysticks and not available as a separate purchasable item from Seimitsu.

Thankfully for arcade and fightstick enthusiasts, Blunderbuss Designs has provided an excellent product solution.

This bullet top is constructed from Delrin and is a high quality item, featuring a smooth finish, no seams and with a natural gloss shine.

The dimensions of the Blunderbuss Designs bullet tops are almost identical in shape, weight and feel to the Seimitsu NOBI bullet lever tops and are available in three (3) separate colours. 

Sold in sealed manufacturer packaging.

Exclusively sold by CQB Arcade in the AUS/NZ markets 

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