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Close Quarters Battle Arcade

Build-A-Button service and custom push buttons

Build-A-Button service and custom push buttons

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An expansion of the creative possibilities within the Seimitsu and Sanwa button categories, achieved by mixing plunger and button body colours.

The Build-A-Button service allows the user to bring to life colour combinations not present within the manufacturer or distributor inventories. Our role in this process is to build the buttons using brand new stock, ready for the user's immediate use.

There is a deep range of possible colour combinations due to the universal compatibility of many plunger types and shapes within the same family line of buttons. The user can curate a staggering number of possible colour mixes.

The easiest and most common example to cite is the Sanwa OBSF-30 button which shares compatibility with the OBSN-30, OBSC-30 and OBSJ-30 product lines.

To summarise the ordering process: peruse our inventory of various buttons, reach out through our contact page and then begin the dialogue of creating a custom coloured button combination. An invoice is furnished based on the quantity/selection and shipped out soon afterwards.

Periodically, a quantity of pre-made button listings with unique colour combinations will be available for immediate purchase. 

Creativity is encouraged - good games to all!

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