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Buttercade Madcatz TE/S side panel replacement

Buttercade Madcatz TE/S side panel replacement

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The Madcatz Tournament Edition (TE) line of fightsticks are legendary and still regularly used today the world over, including Australia and New Zealand. It was the first arcade stick to feature factory fitted Sanwa arcade grade parts and pioneered the current home arcade stick craze.

This custom product from Buttercade is useful for TE/S arcade sticks that are in need of a refresh or modification to the side panels. Due to the age of the Madcatz TE/S, the side panels can at times be scratched, discoloured or missing entirely.

This product is a sturdy 3D printed item with a light matte texture on the outer surface. 

Sold as a pair.

Available in Black and white (other colours upon request).

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