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Buttercade Snap-Out tool for pushbuttons – 30mm & 24mm

Buttercade Snap-Out tool for pushbuttons – 30mm & 24mm

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This is a distinctive and well thought out mechanical solution to a common arcade gamers problem – removing snap-in buttons from a control panel (and doing so cleanly without breaking the locking tabs).

This product works very easily by placing the “base” of the tool over the push button body and evenly applying pressure to both locking tabs. The tool "plunger" is then inserted downward into the "base" popping the button out.  

This model of Snap-Out tool is the updated nylon version and on the 30mm version, features the mounting plate cut out for tighter fightsticks such as the Madcatz TE.

This product is highly recommended for all arcade and fighting game enthusiasts from the professional custom modders and builders to the amateur pulling their first arcade stick apart.

The product is compatible with most 30mm snap-in pushbuttons including, but not limited to:

Sanwa –

OBSF-30 & 24

OBSC-30 & 24

OBSFE-30 & 24

OBSJ 30 & 24


Seimitsu –

PS-14-G & D



Hori –

Hayabusa 30mm

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