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Buttercade x Murakumo Arts titanium short JLF shaft

Buttercade x Murakumo Arts titanium short JLF shaft

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A high quality and custom made titanium short shaft (-8mm) that is a collaboration from Buttercade and Murakumo Arts.

Titanium is recognised for its high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent corrosion resistance, low magnetism, high electrical resistance and superb high class polishing properties. All of these particularities are important to users in the FGC and thus this product has a place in any set up no matter the application type.

The short shaft height reduction is designed to allow bat top users to still achieve the regular height of a standard shaft length and balltop. That is to say, affixing a bat top to a regular length shaft can for some users, yield an unusually tall stick that can affect performance, familiarity and add extraneous leverage to the engagement motion. 

Available in polished or heat anodized stylings for a unique visual accessory to any application, build or project. 

The anodized product is hand made and custom heated, with no two shafts exhibiting the same colour seperation (see images for manufacturing process).

A great collaborative effort from two great creators, made with unyielding materials, for the FGC.

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