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EVO JAPAN 2024 Limited Edition: LSX-NOBI-01-PRO Complete Box

EVO JAPAN 2024 Limited Edition: LSX-NOBI-01-PRO Complete Box

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To commemorate the 2024 EVO Japan competition, Seimitsu released a limited edition of the popular NOBI PRO joystick, available only in person at the Seimitsu booth at EVO Japan and later in very small quantities at the Seimitsu domestic online store (now Sold Out as of June 2024). This is an officially licensed EVO (Evolution Championship Series) collaboration product.

This model and matching kit is feature packed, as follows:

NOBI Pro joystick using Harves Dry Surf grease (5x lifespan of regular silicone grease), fitted with an NT shaft as standard.

Contains a choice of two adhesive mount plate covers (including EVO limited purple and standard black) and an optional SS mount plate.

An EVO Japan 2024 lettered bullet top (blue or black colour), with a black standard dust cover and purple Wagara dust cover.

Optional purple coloured NOBI STD main guide restrictor (squared circle shaped).

Two optional springs (NOBI STD version and special spring created only for the Complete Box).

Five sticker sheets including unique clear versions.

Packaged in a commemorative purple EVO box.

Please note: This product is no longer in production and therefore no restocks are available.

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