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EVO JAPAN 2024 Limited Edition: bullet top variants

EVO JAPAN 2024 Limited Edition: bullet top variants

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To commemorate the 2024 EVO Japan competition, Seimitsu released a limited edition of the popular bullet top in tortoiseshell and clear bubble colour tones available only in person at the Seimitsu booth at EVO Japan.

Each tortoiseshell bullet top is unique due to the individual colour mix application, making no two bullet tops alike in this product lineup. Adding to the exclusivity of this product is the fact this colour mix is a two-tone combination of red/gold and green/gold which is distinct from previous tortoiseshell products and makes for a subtle and memorable presentation. This product utilises multiple protective clear coatings for a high gloss finish and resilience against scratches or other damage. Available in Red/Gold and Green/Gold. Sold in protective box packaging.

The translucent bubble tops feature commemorative EVO 2024 lettering printed on the vertical surface and are available in five (5) colours: clear blue, clear violet, clear smoke, clear pink, clear red. Sold in protective box packaging.

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