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Industrias Lorenzo

IL (Industrias Lorenzo) EuroJoystick

IL (Industrias Lorenzo) EuroJoystick

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A very durable and quality made arcade control with a classic and familiar feel, proudly manufactured in Spain.

Six (6) colours available with more upon request.

(Note: Use of this joystick in certain applications may require a .187 to 5 pin conversion harness).

Background and information - This is the original “American style” high quality joystick that was prolific in the arcade scene throughout the 80’s and 90’s. IL was the supplier for the Happ controls during this era of arcade gaming, however following the Happ/Suzo merger, this conglomerate sought supply from a cheaper location leading to less than ideal joystick performance from the substitute example.

Customers who were used to the previous high-performance standards eventually discovered that the IL EuroJoystick is the actual unchanged, steadfast, high quality model that was known as the “Happ Competition joystick” of that arcade era.

Featuring Cherry microswitches, a strong joystick spring favouring a fast snap-back return to neutral, a very sturdy build quality users will recognise from the golden arcade era and a variety of colours, this joystick will assist users in a wide variety of situations:

  • Owners of 80’s and 90’s era MDF built arcade cabinets wanting to maintain the period correct controls.
  • Users who have a preference for the American/Euro style joystick and demand a quality lever.
  • Fans of the Marvel vs Capcom series who wish to use the controls that were widely circulated in the custom built home arcade stick scene and installed in the US Capcom “Big Blue” arcade cabinets.
  • Fans of the Mortal Kombat series and owners of the MK arcade cabinets in which “American style” controls were the default parts utilised.

(Note: these joysticks will not fit into an Arcade1UP cabinet by default. Modification of the screw hole positions/locations will need to occur and may also cause the mounting screw heads to be exposed)

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