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KOWAL 1mm Oversize actuator for Sanwa JLF

KOWAL 1mm Oversize actuator for Sanwa JLF

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A high quality lightweight JLF nylon actuator, in 1mm oversize classification, from KOWAL.

This actuator has a non-tapered shape to permit consistent engagement of the standard JLF microswitches. This results in a shorter throw (by -1mm) and a faster engagement and diagonal (by +1.5mm), without sacrificing the original neutral zone of the joystick (neutral zone is the area where the actuator does not make contact with the microswitch).

This actuator is designed to function perfectly on Sanwa square and octagonal gates and is designed to work best on stock Sanwa JLF 200gf microswitches. Therefore, this product is perfect for users who require an affordable yet noticeable change to their joystick performance.

Originally created by KOWAL for enhanced performance in shmups, the 1mm oversized actuator was found to be vastly helpful in fighting games also, which is where it has garnered a huge fanbase.

This product is fully compatible with the Hori Hayabusa joystick.

(Note: KOWAL is a world renowned name in the arcade community for his extensive knowledge of joystick mechanical functions and pioneering work on joystick modifications.)

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