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KOWAL Flat plate converter

KOWAL Flat plate converter

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This versatile high quality product acts as a mechanism to permit mounting of American/European/Korean joysticks in Japanese arcade cabinets/fightsticks and vice versa. In addition, older legacy parts from the same joystick brand can at times have incompatible plates and mounting holes, which this product seeks to address.

This product features numerous milled edge flush mounting holes to provide a clean solution to common situations in the arcade hobby where the dimensions of the offered joystick plate holes do not line up with the pre-drilled holes of the intended cabinet or fightstick.

The metal converter plate fits between the chosen joystick and the mounting plate/panel of the chosen application.

Users must first be aware that the to get the best results from the KOWAL flat plate converter, the control panel of the intended application must foremost be compatible with this plate. Additionally, the joystick must not exceed the physical limitations of the cabinet/fightstick and the control panel must be of a proper thickness to maintain appropriate shaft height.

Users will benefit greatly in first considering this product before reaching for the power drill on their next control panel refurbishment or fightstick custom build.

(Note: KOWAL is a world renowned name in the arcade community for his extensive knowledge of joystick mechanical functions and pioneering work on joystick modifications.)

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