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KOWAL LS-32 Octopus Octagonal restrictor gate

KOWAL LS-32 Octopus Octagonal restrictor gate

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A specially constructed 3mm acrylic “octogate” for Seimitsu’s most renowned joystick, from KOWAL.

This gate was designed from the outset to overcome the flaws of other octogates such as the Sanwa GT-Y. For instance, this gate has a curvature present in the corners that provides the actuator a large single contact point in the corner diagonals for better rotating circular motions and greater diagonal range.

Octagonal restrictor gates are popular due to the ease at which corners can be effectively contacted whilst performing motions during any genre of game. Therefore, this product is perfect for users who require an affordable yet noticeable change to their Seimitsu LS-32 joystick performance.

(Note: KOWAL is a world renowned name in the arcade community for his extensive knowledge of joystick mechanical functions and pioneering work on joystick modifications.)

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