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KOWAL LS.ST LS-56/58/60/62-01 short throw mod plate

KOWAL LS.ST LS-56/58/60/62-01 short throw mod plate

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The Seimitsu LS-56-01 is a well regarding joystick, favoured by players of shmups and known for a medium to long throw.

This short throw mod from KOWAL utilises up to two (2) 3mm acrylic spacers to add distance between the microswitches and upper portion of the joystick body. What this equates to for the user is restriction of the throw distance, without loss of the ability of the shaft engagement to the microswitches. Importantly, this mod will not hamper engagement to the diagonals at all. 

At the maximum of 6mm total height (ie. both acrylic plates installed), the joystick is not substantially higher and will still easily fit into most arcade cabinet/fightstick applications.

These acrylic spacer plates are also compatible with the Seimitsu LS-56-01 “octogate” and default square gate.

This short throw mod is a low cost and easily installed product that provides a substantial difference in joystick feel and performance to one of Seimitsu’s most favoured joysticks.

(Note: KOWAL is a world renowned name in the arcade community for his extensive knowledge of joystick mechanical functions and pioneering work on joystick modifications.)

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