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Murakumo Corp.

Murakumo Arts Lever Ball and Button acrylic Stand (Sanwa Denshi Co. LTD)

Murakumo Arts Lever Ball and Button acrylic Stand (Sanwa Denshi Co. LTD)

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A specialized acrylic display stand, manufactured in Tokyo Japan, under supervision of Sanwa Denshi Co. LTD.

This dedicated display stand was inspired from the bygone era electronics and computer stores that would have POP (Point-of-Purchase) stands on the counter tops for promotional merchandise. 

This display stand was designed with ease of construction in mind and as such, the included screws can be affixed finger tight. Therefore, no tools are required to build this stand.  

The display stand can hold 35mm ball tops and 30mm buttons (ie. All LB-35 and OBSF-30 variants). The acrylic thickness is 3mm.

The size of the built stand (83mm L, 22mm W, 140mm H) is compact enough to be incorporated in any location, which opens many possibilities for creativity and ingenuity.

The user could choose to populate this stand with parts purchased deliberately for full-time presentation or, utilise leftover parts from customisation projects.

(Note: The stand is sold in a flat-pack bundle and requires the user to build the stand that is shown in the pictures. Instructions included. This listing does not include any arcade parts, they must be purchased separately and/or provided by the user)

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