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Seimitsu LS-32-01-SC Joystick (with shaft cover)

Seimitsu LS-32-01-SC Joystick (with shaft cover)

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The most popular Seimitsu joystick, renowned for overall quicker movements and moderate engage distances. 

Three (3) mounting plates available. The MS-P50 is a direct bolt hole match for the JLF flat mount plate.

This version is the 5-pin PCB variant (ie. generally for arcade stick and fightstick applications).

Background and information - The original beginnings of the Street Fighter 2 craze in Japan was deeply connected to the Seimitsu LS-32 joystick. For instance, the Japanese SF2 arcade cabinets featured LS-32’s as stock and is therefore the equipment many of the best players of the era learned to play on. To this day, many Japanese players insist on using LS-32’s for Street Fighter 2.

Additionally, the LS-32 is a preferred option for Japanese arcades with dedicated shmup cabinets. 

Unfortunately, cheap clones of the LS-32 have appeared as the “Zippy” joystick. There is no reason to buy the clones when the affordable Japanese authentic LS-32 is a high quality, fast, responsive and precise joystick. Most recently, it was standard equipment on many Japanese “candy cabinets” such as the Sega Versus City head-to-head machine.

Additionally, full manufacturer and aftermarket support parts are available for the Seimitsu LS-32 to cater for all styles of play and mounting applications (ie. short throw mod, round restrictor gate, coloured+extended shaft, replacement ball/bat tops, flat mount and arcade cabinet mounting plates).

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