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Seimitsu LS-56 Joystick

Seimitsu LS-56 Joystick

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A popular joystick, coveted by "shmup" fans due to the heavier spring and medium engagement distance.

The LS-56, paired with a Seimitsu octagonal gate, is considered to be the most formidable "shmup" joystick currently available today.  

Sold with the Seimitsu MS mount plate, however is compatible with the Seimitsu P-40 mounting plates, sold seperately. 

This version is the non-PCB variant and requires .187 fasteners for operation (ie. arcade cabinet mounting). 

(Note: As of 03/2024 the main guide will change from a white coloured version for the Panasonic microswitch, to a black version for the new Omron microswitch version)

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