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Bit Bang Gaming Magicians SOCD cleaner V2 PCB

Bit Bang Gaming Magicians SOCD cleaner V2 PCB

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This is the FGC’s most advanced and flexible SOCD cleaner and permits the addition of SOCD cleaning to nearly any OEM controller and control board. It features 25 different SOCD combinations and a custom SOCD rule creator for unprecedented adaptability for the end user.

This PCB is simple to wire and use due to the following features;

  • Power input via two-pin screw terminal block and a pass-through harness to negate needing to tap into the arcade stick power lines.
  • Directional inputs via a five-pin screw terminal block so as to accommodate custom wiring schemes, should the need apply.
  • The resultant cleaned outputs are via the commonly used 5-pin JST connector used in most joysticks for ease of integration.
  • Use of micro-USB port for firmware updates and a quick power test
  • Configurable using a smart phone application that connects via Bluetooth, removing the need to re-open the fightstick constantly.
  • Can be easily integrated with stickless accessories such as LOKI and ODIN via dedicated ports.

 This product has ongoing support from BBG and firmware updates are readily available.

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