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Murakumo Arts

Murakumo Arts Mikado x Leverlover embroidery patch (Mikado Emerald)

Murakumo Arts Mikado x Leverlover embroidery patch (Mikado Emerald)

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In honour of the legendary Japan arcade centre at Gesen Mikado, this embroidered patch was created with a collaborative effort from that arcade centre and Murakumo Arts.

This patch is well constructed and has anti-fray finishing at the outer edges.

The “Emperor” mark on the balltop is made of phosphorescent material and glows in the dark when exposed to light for a period of time.

A very unique arcade related patch that can be ironed onto a good quality fabric. Murakumo Arts envisioned this patch also being attached (with the help of a seamstress) to hook and loop style material for racing suits, military fashion and backpacks.

This item represents a celebration of the arcade gaming culture generally and reminds us all to “enjoy your game”.

(Note: Murakumo Arts gives a part of the sales of this item to Gesen Mikado).

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