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Close Quarters Battle Arcade

Murakumo Arts carbon fibre mounting plate for JLX

Murakumo Arts carbon fibre mounting plate for JLX

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A carbon fibre (dry twill) mounting plate compatible with JLX and JLF, manufactured by Murakumo Arts.

Carbon fibre fabric is the most popular material used in the making of modern composite parts within the aerospace, auto and marine industries. In addition, the dry twill style allows an approximate 70% weight saving advantage over “wet” regular carbon fibre as well as improved strength-to-weight ratio.

The gameplay advantages garnered from this product are based on extra rigidity over the steel example and weight savings. To that end, this product serves those users preferring a no compromise approach toward the performance of their arcade/fightsticks and associated equipment. This product weighs a fraction of the standard steel plate:

Standard Sanwa steel plate (JLF-P-1); 53.0 grams

Murakumo Arts dry twill carbon fibre plate; 15.0 grams

Additionally, for users who enjoy clear acrylic enclosures, the carbon twill weave forms a dramatic aesthetic that can enhance the look and form a centre piece to a fightstick.

This product is 2mm thick and will cause a 0.4 to 0.5mm reduction in shaft height overall for the height over CP measurement. The outer circumference of the plate is 1mm larger in both length and width than a standard Sanwa mounting plate.

Two (2) styles available:

1. A counterbore drilled plate that will affix to the joystick as per original method (and utilising original screws). 

2. A straight/open screw holed plate that is affixed with the users favourite M3 screw and washer. A spacer set is included for use on Murakumo Arts compact acrylic fightstick enclosures.

(Please note: there may be some slight difference in the screw hole position due to the different processing method of carbon. Additionally, there may be some fine irregularities, scratches and small bubble marks that can sometimes occur when shaping the carbon into a plate. Carbon cutting powder residue may be present which is easily wiped off before use)

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