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Murakumo Arts

Murakumo Arts "Eeru" acrylic keychain (w/ titanium ring)

Murakumo Arts "Eeru" acrylic keychain (w/ titanium ring)

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The mascot character "Eeru" for the Murakumo Arts brand, represented in an acrylic keychain!

Featuring a titanium circular keyring and ball chain to secure "Eeru" upside down to most places.

This product blends well with other such accessories used for hanging and securing parts such as the Sanwa JLFD-A carabiner and Seimitsu balltop chain.

A colourful and welcomed product to celebrate the arcade and fighting game communities, championed by Murakumo Corp.

(Note. acrylic keychain measures approximately 6cm x 4cm)

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