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Murakumo Arts

Murakumo Arts hard spring for Sanwa JLF (Made in Osaka, Japan)

Murakumo Arts hard spring for Sanwa JLF (Made in Osaka, Japan)

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This high quality replacement spring for the Sanwa JLF requires approximately twice the force required for operation. Since the spring itself is not twice the numerical tension though, it is actually the force doubled, this equates to a very hard spring.

Care has been taken however to ensure the performance of this spring has a certain smoothness even though it is considered a hard spring. In operation, the user will experience a gentle and steady increase in force required from the beginning of the directional input until the point the actuator reaches the restrictor gate.

This spring is useful for players looking to fine tune their JLF joystick specifications and greatly beneficial to most heavy-handed and/or aggressive players.

Unlike most aftermarket springs available today, this particular product is made in Osaka, Japan from Japanese stainless steel and is a high quality item.

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