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Murakumo Arts

Murakumo Arts JAMMA Harness wiring table bracket/keychain (English)

Murakumo Arts JAMMA Harness wiring table bracket/keychain (English)

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This is a professionally constructed and printed acrylic assistance tool for correct identification of JAMMA pinouts.

This product was created as a resilient quick reference tool for beginners and experts alike. Therefore, it can be utilised in many ways including supporting problem solving efforts and/or correct identification of relevant pins to ensure correct insertion.

There is a rectangular gap in the acrylic plate that is 1:1 size for a Hirose 56 pin connector, should the user wish to physically have the product placed at the JAMMA connector for ongoing guidance.

The acrylic is thick enough to be resistant to some hanging and wear and tear and is conveniently marked as “Soldering side” and Components side”, increasing the usefulness to arcade beginners.

Handily, the product has drilled holes in corners so it can be hung out of the way when not in use but easily sought for immediate retrieval, similar to a keychain.

(Note: This product is an assistance tool only and does not remove the responsibility of the user to conduct their own reading/research into the JAMMA pin out and general arcade basics. Always practise safety in and around arcade electrical hardware and if in doubt, don’t touch anything and ask for help).

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