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Murakumo Arts

Murakumo Arts LeverLover 2021 drink coaster

Murakumo Arts LeverLover 2021 drink coaster

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A highly stylised rubber drink coaster, manufactured by Murakumo Arts.

This product bears a close resemblance to the world renowned Murakumo Arts custom JLF dust washer LP-MR20 (in red colour).

The solid, high density rubber is naturally resistant to moisture and heat and has a smooth non-slip back surface (with printed graphics). The product can be used for multiple different purposes such as mobile phone placement and parts display.

A fantastic and stylish arcade accessory for any gaming area promoting the spirit of celebrating arcade games together with friends and families.

(Note. coaster is approximately 12cm diameter and 4mm thick).

(Note. drink mugs shown in photos are not included and must be purchased separately).

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