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Murakumo Arts

Murakumo Fightstick Compact Controller acrylic enclosure [SPEC2]

Murakumo Fightstick Compact Controller acrylic enclosure [SPEC2]

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Evolving the design of the SPEC1 compact controller, Murakumo Arts has improved  multiple areas of design for ease of maintenance and to increase the potential parts selection for use with respect to future expandability. The overall design philosophy with this product is “Big functionality in a small size”.

To this end, the front/rear and left/right acrylic panels are interchangeable and can even be installed inside out, allowing for various visual combinations and terminal positions. The corner pillar stacks can be used to secure the sidewalls which makes the enclosure easier to reassemble after parts swaps/replacements.


Displaying Murakumo Arts’ dedication to arcade game centres and creative support, this SPEC2 enclosure features additional screw holes for mounting an internal IONA PCB made by creator toyoshim. This is a valuable design choice should the user wish to use the stick on JVS compatible arcade control systems for example on exA-Arcadia, Sega NAOMI, Taito Type X and Namco System 2x6.


Also included in each enclosure kit are three industrial use, sleek form, accessory push buttons with a low-profile Sanwa Denshi wiring harness (part number 68CAU-G).


Important additional information:

  • Enclosure measurements are 287mm L x 182mm W x 49mm H (excluding rubber feet). Internal height is 40mm.
  • The top panel button layout is in an 8x30mm in Vewlix style.
  • Accessory buttons are 6x24mm.
  • Three (3) Neutrik mounting holes are provided with one of the holes for mounting a USB type C jack.
  • Hole cover included for the terminal, if needed by the user.
  • Compatible with Sanwa Denshi joysticks with future support for Seimitsu LS-32 levers upon a height adjuster future release.

(Please note: This product is provided and sold in an unassembled state and will require some basic tools to build)

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